About us

Hotel Apt. Mageløs 12

Hotel Apt. Mageløs 12 is a cozy, hotel apartment in the heart of Odense. Here, you can experience the relaxed atmosphere but in the best and most central location in Odense.   

We are located at Mageløs 12, and our goal is to create memorable quality stays for our guests rather than getting as many overnight guests through the doors as possible. 

A Stay in the Center of Odense

Odense is Denmark’s third-largest city with a history that dates back to before 988. Whether you are in town to visit the new H.C. Andersen House, or to enjoy good times with friends at the Heartland or Tinderbox festivals, the city center is the perfect starting point for your visit. Here, you are close to many cozy cafes, restaurants, shopping opportunities and Odense River, which winds through the city creating recreational areas where you can relax and unwind.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hotel Apt. Mageløs 12, whether you’re planning a single night, a weekend stay, or a whole week. You can use our booking form to find an available date to stay with us – and children of all ages are, of course, always welcome.